beer blogging

Upon finally joining WordPress I was very surprised that there is such a thing as a beer blogging conference and they have them in Europe and the US. I know most of the newsletters, websites or anything else to do with beer is very US orientated which isn’t very helpful if you are in the UK. I do however know there are dedicated men in the UK drinking craft beer due to my membership of rate There are other apps too like untapped on Facebook. Drew at the bottle shop in Canterbury has his own blog dedicated to reviewing all the craft beer he drinks and since he works there it’s quite a lot he gets to sample; especially with the monthly tastings. They have all kinds of different beers that are constantly changing and they have the good beer guarantee too. What this means is that if you buy a beer that they have recommended and you don’t like it they will change it for another. This goes a long way as craft beer is often bottle conditioned meaning the yeast is still alive and the beer is still developing. Also if your new to craft beer you might not know what style you like.

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