Sam smiths

Many people are not aware of sam smiths pubs because they dont spend any money on advertising. This is even to the extent that there will not even be a sign outside and the only way you know its one is either its complete lack of signage bar one naming the pub or you go instead and see the pump clips/menus. In really old ones in London its in the stained glass windows so its sometimes easier but usually its a case of to the Internet if you want to track one down. I don’t think they even have a website or directory of pubs but other people have created unofficial lists of the hundreds around the country. These are concentrated in the south west, london and the north  so you may never have seen one even if you live in these areas because I only discovered them recently. Sam smiths are a unique brand of pubs because they only allow there own brands inside. This means you wont find anything that is normally resident in a pub like fosters, carlsberg, guiness or even john smiths which was his brother. John smith sold out years ago but sam smith never did. This means they can sell all natural and mainly organic beer to its customers along with lager, stout, fruit beer and its own soft drinks. It has a range of spirits and crisps too. The staff in these  places vary considerably as do the buildings they are housed in. It is a real experience to see and drink a piece of English history.

Mum at gazebo Kingston

My mum and dad at the gazebo in Kingston.

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