Return to normality

Now everybody knows that as September rolls around the world returns to work weather that be school, college, university or actual work of some description. With this means that the consumption of alcohol decreases as we need to save up money again from the onslaught of dare I say it Christmas. This is why there has not been many of my posts on beer recently but plenty of others that I found to fill the gap. I have drank a few which I will talk a little about here and I will continue drinking a couple just not to the excess of the previous months were I have totally gone for it, my health, liver and wallet can’t keep up. 

I have a new friend (also called Sam to confuse matters even more) who I may get to join me at the Bottle Shop to introduce him to one of the delights of Canterbury for him to have interesting conversations with Stephan as there both psychology students. So I have shared with him Bombardier as the Hales Place shop doesn’t stock a lot and introduced him to the choice available at Sainsburies. There I had a Brewdog Punk IPA which actually tasted a lot better than before and Sam (hubby) had some other beers. The next day the 2 of us had a Green Flash IPA which I thought was a bit too harsh and bitter in its backbone and after taste, a Mikeller which was a lot nicer and a Kernal 12/04 porter. Kernal don’t do a lot of dark being more known for there IPA‘s but this was really good. It had exactly the flavours you look for in the right amounts, coffee, chocolate, rich, silky taste and feel with a carbonation that wasn’t really present. It had some head on it which is what you want when drinking a dark beer. I think Stephan did us proud there thanks for the advice.



Style Guide – Pilsner

Thanks for this in depth guide. Im not a personal fan of pilsners so I wouldn’t ever be able to write about them.

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Pilsner Style

The Pilsner style of beer first originated in 1842 in the city of Plzen, Bohemia, Czech Republic, making it one of the youngest styles of beer. It has since gained in popularity and production as more than half of the world beer production is modelled after the pilsner style. Pilsner is a type of pale lager that is traditionally produced using bottom fermenting yeast and cooler, longer fermentation processes. When it was originally produced it incorporated the use of caves during the fermentation process, but modern day pilsners have the luxury of refrigeration. Pilsner is traditionally brewed using soft water, paler malts and the Saaz noble variety of hops. Pilsners are light, clear and with a colour ranging from pale yellow to golden and they typically have an ABV (alcohol by volume) of 4.5-5% and have a bitterness (IBU) ranging from 25-45 on the bitterness units scale. Traditional pilsners should be both crisp…

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Dad’s Little Helper Black IPA – Ruby Tuesday’s Beer of the Week

Thanks I’ve been wanting to know more about Rogue.

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Rogue DLH

It has been a while since I have had a Tuesday feature beer of the week, but this Tuesday in honour of my dad’s 62nd birthday Eldon and I tried Rogue’s Dad’s Little Helper Black IPA (LCBO# 383455).  Rogue, founded in 1987, operates out of the state of Oregon which is a renowned mecca for craft beer. Their branding promotes the Rogue Revolution which they express through their uniquely crafted brews. I am a sucker for a great name and Rogue has the quirky name thing down pat. But they aren’t just a quirky name and an amusing label, I have yet to have a beer of theirs that I haven’t loved! Dad’s Little Helper is no exception. Made with four types of malts and four types of hops this Black IPA is a rare gem in the over saturated IPA market, it is both well balanced and intense  and dances along that…

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Style Guide – IPA

Yeah more IPA talk although these are US only beers as far as I know.

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August 7th is international IPA day and to celebrate last night we had a little get together with our friend Allan to sample a few and pick our favourites. I have mentioned IPA’s before in a few other posts but here is a recap of a few notes about the style. It originated when beer was being transported by sea from Britain to India during the times of British colonization. In order to survive the long voyage the beer was strongly hopped. Hops, as well as the slightly higher alcohol content, act as natural preservatives and would ensure that the beer would make it to its final destination. The average IBU‘s (bitterness units) for an IPA can be anywhere for 40-120, the highest numbers are going to be double IPAs or imperial IPAs (containing higher alcohol content). The ABV (alcohol by volume) can range anywhere from 5-7.5% for standard IPAs…

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