Summer stouts-bear with me

Now I was thinking about this article and what to write in it and it was all forming in my head nicely and I didn’t want to forget it and I couldn’t get to sleep because of it so here it is at 1227 😉
I have recently been indulging in dark beers coz when you drink light beers most of the time it gets boring and I like to mix it up a little. Plus all women need to replace those lost b vitamins, iron etc know what I mean? So in this review are beavertown holy cowbell, siren Caribbean chocolate cake, siren shattered dreams, odell lugene, beavertown sadako, evil twin Christmas eve in a new York hotel room, affogato stout, odell mocha porter. Also siren broken dream for completeness.
Beavertown holy cowbell is an india stout which means beavertown’s version of a black ipa but more towards the stout end of things. Now this is gorgeous and I can’t recommend this highly enough. I have told so many people about it and I only hope that when bottle shop get it back in which I know they will, it is as good as before. I don’t know how it could be any better. I gave it an excellent review on ratebeer.
Siren Caribbean chocolate cake is very alluring indeed. It has chocolate, coffee, vanilla and lactose as far as I remember. This is another awesome siren beer that pulls you in and makes you want to drink 1 a week after your Sunday roast as dessert. It is £5.30 so not every day drinking but nice enough to repeat on a fairly regular basis. It tastes exactly like you would expect. They still have some in last time I went to the bottle shop but you can also get all these beers online or from there breweries I believe. Bottle shop in London sells them too but they have a different selection and opening hours (Saturday).
The odell lugene is a milk stout that again tastes like a milk chocolate milk shake or a milk chocolate bar. It is quite sweet and even has a sticky texture. Its good as a pudding but I don’t think I would have it again until winter. Its also £6.
The evil twin christmas eve in a new york hotel room was better tasting in my opinion but still understated. That is a 10% beer but you would never know drinking it until afterwards as you can’t taste it. Its very enjoyable in a demure way tasting like a dark chocolate bar. I’m not sure I would have this again either as although it was good it wasn’t a stand out beer. I believe this was £4.75 which is good value for such a high percentage beer but it didn’t float my boat. I appreciated it , recorded it as my 100th beer on ratebeer and now its onto the next. These are not in the order I drank them but never mind.
Beavertown sadako is an imperial stout with honey, molasses, coffee and oats £5. This tasted of strong (9.8%), sweet, coffee that was possibly a bit milky due to the oats and I think the idea was possibly an affogato stout which I had in Brighton at evening star and that was awesome. For those that don’t know affogato is the Italian practice of coffee and ice cream because they are nice complimentary flavours and its contrast between the cold and the hot.
Last and I’m afraid in this instance, least, is odell mocha porter. This tasted of carbonated coffee and is not something I wish to ever drink again. It came from mouton rouge this time.
So the ordering would be
1 beavertown cowbell,
in a section of its own as it invented its own style (india stout), [I have an article to publish that I previously did on black ipas]
1 siren Caribbean chocolate cake,
1.5 Broken Dreams
2 siren shattered dreams,
3 beavertown sadako,
4 odell mocha porter, 
milk stouts
1 affogato stout, I forget who makes this.
2 evil twin Christmas eve in a new york hotel room,
3 odell lugene.
I have had siren broken dreams twice and sampled some of there other versions like the jim beam and jack daniels barrelled versions but I haven’t had it since June so wouldn’t be fair to compare really especially since the 2 versions were quite different. At a guess it would go after the siren chocolate cake.
There are not enough reds that I have tried to make an article yet but I have one to write on lagers of the world having drank lots of those. Possibly to round it up ipas and belgians even though there are 76 styles according to rate beer.

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