Black IPA tasting from April – May 2014

Weird beard

Fade to black black ipa not as good as others, Hit the lights mixed up ipa very tasty, fruity,


black ipa has simcoe, centennial, Chinook, Zeus hops and was 3rd in our tasting but better than fade to black,


7 seas won for me and is quite like a stout as it has wheat in it. It’s creamy which I like too. The 7 hops are likely to be centennial, Chinook, cascade, Columbus, citra, challenger, ? .


Black betty was quite nice and Sam’s favourite but was more bitter and more like an ipa.


black rocks tastes like liquorice but also a bit like coffee in its bitterness. It doesn’t taste like fruit to me but it doesn’t mention which fruit and that’s just to broad to figure out. It has been suggested pithy grapefruit or blackcurrant. I thought the beer was quite smooth without much harsh bitterness and doesn’t taste much like an Ipa more like a stout. If I liked liquorice I would like it a lot more.


There are a lot of beers missing from this list but I can’t do a fair comparison as there not all the same batch so I will just list since I have yet to link ratebeer in with this. I’m not a big fan of Black IPAs as I’m finding out but hope this helps others decide. Weird Beard fade to black coconut I was not too impressed with this one but then fade to black is probably my least favourite black ipa. Buxton Imperial Black that tasted weird to me but it might have been that batch. I wasn’t keen on Buxton Black Rocks either. Purity Saddleblack  was quite a nice beer I had in a wetherspoons on tap as far as I can remember. The Beavertown Holy Cowbell has already been discussed earlier the Brewdog which will now be discussed. I have had the Libertine black ipa from Brewdog and that is a pretty nice. Its a surprising IPA thats for sure.

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