Some of my husband’s favourites from April

8 Ball he thought that was quite nice but others were better. He has also had Gamma Ray. Bloody ‘ell blood orange beer was too sour for my liking and even Sam admitted it was rather sour. “But he still likes it because he has had another more recently.”
Black Betty is a black IPA that is the nicest according to Sam. Had 2 distinct tastes to me which is what you would expect. “this is hard to beat and he keeps trying but none has really stolen the crown.”
Smog Rocket was quite nice, it was smoky but not too much. “stand by for an article on smoking food and drink”. Not as much as the barrel aged Sirens in whiskey casks. “Jim beam and Jack Daniels were the ones we tried”

Punk ipa is really nice and you can even get it in wetherspoons now which means its easily available and cheap.

Weird beard
A favourite of his as he is massively into big american hops and loves Holy Hopping Hell. the 2nd batch was so good but the 3rd is not as good. “apparently the 4th is good too”. I think there on 5 now.

The Green Bullet was too planty for my tastes and for the price Sam didn’t think that was worth it. Five o’clock Shadow was another that he liked.  Last nights beers that sam had were surprisingly better than the Decadence I had. Dark Hopelfler is a milk stout that is only 2.5% and tastes like it too. Didn’t have enough punch for me. It’s a driving beer as we have come to know them as as its tastes like beer but is not very strong. Sam thought it tastes like a mocha milk shake. I didn’t think that it was that good but I drank it. 500 ml is a lot but it’s good value for the price so can’t complain that much. Had an enjoyable time drinking beer today. Mariana Trench pale very drinkable. “This is an awesome beer on tap and in the bottle.” Insert debate with Stephan about whether this is the best or not.

Imperial was Sam’s beer last night, a black ipa that tasted nice intially but some how tasted of blue cheese to me afterwards? Sam couldn’t taste what I was talking about so happily finished it off. He tried it again and it still tastes like that to me. This latest one doesn’t though. Buxton Spa nice easy drinking beer, pale golden, straw coloured, hazy, minimal white head,
Wild Boar is cloudy, golden, mango, not too bitter or sour, contains wheat, oats, barley and hops. Small noticeable head that clings to the beer rather than the glass, frothy, medium body, fruity, floral not very herbal or hoppy, spicy had it twice now. Wyoming Sheep Ranch darker orange, cloudy, more planty, double ipa, minty? Hoppy, contains wheat, oats, barley and hops, strong alcohol taste, wouldn’t buy it again. Axe Edge is cloudy, wheat, oats, barley, hops, same head as Wild Boar, more bubbly than others but maybe more shuck up, lacing on glass as a result, good, grapefruit, slightly sour, but very hoppy, not very fruity, quite refreshing, Black Rocks is liquorice so bad as is Imperial tasting of blue cheese. Was advised against buying Moor Top as most people don’t like it, some to the point of returning it. “Still haven’t had it”

These beers have different combinations of hops in them. He really likes Amarillo. Kernal Amarillo one hop very tasty. He also had Centennial which quite nice. It had a muted taste to it so not as punchy as other hops. Citra was the next beer on the list that was drunk. I didn’t want it after my Black Isle Red Kite. ipa mosaic again and was very fruity and tropical as usual which is good. It gets the thumbs up from both of us. It has mosaic hops in it.

The Kernel India Pale Ale Citra Galaxy Mosaic this was quite a nice beer as I like like mosaic and citra isn’t that bad but I don’t like it on its own.Galaxy I hadn’t tried before but is probably a good hop.Table beer mosaic was nice not to be confused with Table beer that has 3 different hops in US 366etc or Biere de Table which is belgian style.

Double stout

Old Dairy brewery
Dark Side of the Moo is an imperial porter that Sam is quite fond of at the moment. This comes from Murrays general store next door as its a local beer from Cranbrook area. He is getting into stouts and porters at the moment.

Sixpoint brewery
These are available at wetherspoons so quite cheap. Bengali tiger ipa, Crisp lager and Sweet action pale, wheat and cream. His favourite is Bengali tiger. There ok but not brilliant.

lager at spoons. “Had this recently and it was actually really nice.”

Goose Island
ipa also at spoons

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