Siren craft beer

Today’s post is about Siren Brewery based in Finchhamstead, near Reading. Is where the recipes came from the inspired me to try cooking with beer but not the usual beer battered fish that you get in restaurants.

I am also subscribed to a couple of american newsletters but the one that made me want to write this post is the ratebeer newsletter. They were describing how Siren is making it big in the US and the interesting beers that they are coming out with. No doubt they will turn up at the bottle shop soon. They may even turn up at mouton rouge as they stock a lot of american beers.

I thought Siren were going a bit off the mark with doing all there unusual beers like Limoncello which we didn’t like but it seems that they were focusing on other markets. Hopefully there will be many more lovely beers like the Caribbean chocolate cake to try. I’m disappointed the the jerk edition was retired so quickly as I wanted to try it if only for the sheer novelty factor. I think the is a joke on there time line

2013 Worm Beer – The first Insect beer?
Bottling to begin

Who is going to want to try that?

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