beavertown brewery

Beavertown is a corruption of the old cockney area name of de beauvoir in London where it started to be brewed. They have 5 core beers available in cans, bottles and sometimes on draft. They are 8 Ball, a rye ipa that we personally don’t like but not many beers are brewed with rye so we haven’t had anything to compare it with, Gamma Ray, an American pale ale that my husband loves but me and Lucy from the bottle shop think it is a bit bitter and sharp for our tastes, Smog Rocket which is a smoked porter, it’s an unusual style of beer that is reminiscent of bacon, Sam says it’s not as good in the can but I haven’t drunk mine yet so l can’t confirm this.I have now drunk mine and although there is a slight difference if it’s not the first beer of the day you won’t really notice. Neck Oil which is a session ipa and its a good beer to start on but you only really want to drink one. Again this is more male friendly but I’ve seen Lucy drinking it too. Sorry Lucy but I don’t know any other women that drink beer. There is also Black Betty which is a black ipa which is another of his favourites and is quite good but sometimes is a bit bitter for me.

Quelle Saison is another of there’s, a Belgian style beer, that I like but it’s prone to spoil very quickly. Catching it at the current moment is very difficult.  One more that deserves a mention is Holy Cowbell there India stout. Unfortunately this was a one off but just gotta wait until they make some more and I heard that Spresso was next in but haven’t seen it yet. Emphasis at the moment has switched to Brewdog.

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