Belgian beer personal drinking timeline

We went through an entire year of trying all the belgian beers at la trappiste and our tastes changed as we were trying them and we drank so many that we don’t really like them any more. Not just ones we disliked initially like Rodenbach and Duchesse. So when we come across a belgian style or a saison yeast beer we tend to steer clear of them now. I do occasionally have an Affligem Blonde or I might have a Tripel Karmeliet. We don’t have Kasteel Donker anymore.

Although since it is now summer I have drunk quite a few and enjoyed them. I do love a Beavertown Quelle Saison having had it in a bottle and then on tap but the bottle l had a week later in Brighton was not as good so they must pass there peak really quickly. This is a shame as its a lovely beer that is quite easily obtainable at a good price and I have tried it in a can and it loses something almost like whiskey that has remained in a decanter for too long. Also with the can it gains a slightly metallic edge which is not removed even when drinking from a glass. A month is not a long time since I had my first Quelle Saison but they seem to be rather delicate beers that easily lose the peak of there taste and flavour. This might be quite a problem for Beavertown

Strange thing is that the beer tends to vary per can which is quite odd and they have made a saison that my husband likes which is quite an achievement after the epicness that was his stag do. I really don’t know about the reliability of Quelle Saison as its all over the place depending on when, how and where your drinking it, 

On another note I’m very pleased that the bottle shop now have lots of Belgian beers in for me to sample again. I’ve already had Lindemans Pecheresse which is either too sweet or awesome depending on your mood and he had the Duvel Triple Hop and wasn’t too impressed. I have also had a couple of Brew by Numbers saisons which were very goodTime for the Siren Biere de Gouttiere or courgette beer as Sam read (Dyslexia ftw!) I think I got a bit of word blindness too because I read Siren Belgian Beer 4.4% but not that it was woody, herbal or a collaboration with Jon Laffler from Off Colour. Shame on me but I was too interested in all the new beers because I hadn’t been in a while. 

Also as an aside why do ratebeer have counties for US, Canada, Germany and Britain but not for Belgium?

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