Siren’s recent collaborations


The Belgian beer that was a collab with Off Color the newly created brewery with John Laffler formerly of Goose Island Biere de Gouttiere was too sour and even Stephan (Bottle Shop) who is a fan of sour beers didn’t like. [It does say on the Siren website to let it develop for a bit for its full flavour to emerge.] Needless to say my husband din’t like it either. 

Next on the agenda is the Cigar City collab, Neither a Post Prohibition style IPA with pils, corn and honey. This is a cheesy, unremarkable beer and there are much better beers out there. [Like Marinara Trench which they have on tap again at Bottle Shop yeah!]

Then we come to the Tool collab Tickle Monster which is a 12% triple IPA aged on Cedar wood. Its strong, you taste that, its thick, heavy, hard to drink and sweet. Plus the amount of sediment, which is very apparent and is another factor that puts you off finishing. We shared this and it was still a struggle. The port/sherry taste makes it taste like you should drink this in much smaller quantities for it to be palletable. Dessert wine is also drunk in smaller quantities. I like Tool beers and I love Siren in case you didn’t already know but this is just wrong in every sense.

I have tried the Even More Jesus 7 Imperial stout which is another collab with Evil Twin and that was quite nice [possibly because its a stout and the others are IPAs] but I will reserve judgement until I drink the one that I have. (Plus I’m more sober to better appreciate it.Wax sealed ;)) 

In a flashback to a Siren collab I drank previously, The Limoncello IPA with Mikeller and Hill Farmstead. I thought it was awful as it was too sour but then I didn’t know what Limoncello tasted of and apparently this was quite good as the guys at the bottle shop raved about it.

The Siren Americano IPA is not a collab so should be quite good, [I have a bottle of that too at home] and Sam liked it but then he liked the Neither too and since he has different tastes can’t always be relied upon. 

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