On Gender and Beer: There and Back Again

This is quite interesting reading this. I would have thought by being quite brazen she is using the old adage of sex sells. That’s what pulls in the punters and then they are possibly educated about beer for women. I don’t personally think it’s necessary to do that as you are still conforming to stereotypes and its almost a lads mag look to it with all those visual images. You should let the writing and the beer speak for itself without gimmicks. It shouldn’t matter whether you are male or female.

This Is Why I'm Drunk

I had planned for my last post on this topic to be the end of this series of posts, but then this happened:


Meet CraftBeerVixen. She started following me on Instagram after joining the platform two weeks ago. In that time, she’s amassed over 750 followers thanks to heavy use of hashtags and … her breasts. Or legs. Or butt.


There is no problem with a woman embracing her sexuality, but putting it into the context of the conversation I was hoping to have over the lastcoupleweeks, I wondered: is this a good thing?

So I felt I couldn’t simply leave things where they were and wanted to offer one last round-up of thoughts on the topic of gender and beer … for now.

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