Siren vs Brewdog (Bottleshop’s September tasting)

Now I think this is no contest but then I’m incredibly biased having drunk 15 different Sirens (and one to come) some of which have been very good (3) and others have been not my thing (3). There probably doing it more scientifically that I would having 4 categories light, dark, hoppy and wild. Its going to be a straight comparison. I have had a couple of the easier to get hold of Brewdog’s like Punk IPA, Dead Pony (pale ale), 5am Saint (rye) but haven’t rated those on RateBeer, ;( but they were not brilliant, they have what I call that ‘Brewdog taste’. Its not brilliant but I thought that was there thing. Happily the Libertine Black IPA doesn’t have that quality. Not quite sure it would beat the Siren 7 Seas but I don’t know if that is what there going to be using. There is a lot of new Brewdog‘s at the Bottle Shop  that I look forward to drinking even if its not at the tasting as £15 and then having to buy the beers as well? I’d much rather just drink the beer as its far more economic especially when your on a limited income like myself. Sorry Drew.

I have also had Dogma which is a scotch ale. This talks a good game and sounds very interesting but doesn’t deliver. I have not rated this either ;( and have only had 2 scotch ales the other being a Black Isle and I haven’t particularly enjoyed either. Must not like this style.

I’ve also got Cocoa Pyscho after taking advice from Gywn on this one. Shall have to see if its good but been told its not as sweet as say a Caribbean Chocolate Cake and other beers we have enjoyed.

There is also a hoppy saison at the Bottleshop called Electric India which sounds interesting and its highly rated on ratebeer.

Surprisingly out of the standard Brewdog beers I don’t think I have come across a Brixton Porter which might be my thing who knows?

There is also a Weird Beard collaboration called Lord Nelson which has Nelson Sauvin hops so it will be winey no doubt.

One final note is that although the Tokyo sounds good it is probably a very bad idea as it will kick my ass at 18%. (Plus be very expensive.)[Not actually on sale at BottleShop yet.]

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