Well I have just spent the bank holiday weekend in Brighton although on sat evening/sunday morning I was in rye. It showed me just how much the English weather can change by being moderate sun and cloud, freezing cold at night and then really hot and sunny during the next day. The day after of course was pouring with rain t if your soaked its cold but also humid so presents clothing issues. Nature is so annoying if your not prepared but have to carry everything with you so you can’t actually carry everything you need.

However I don’t want to bore you with my epic weekend. I came here to talk about beer. Evening star is very close to Brighton station and is the original home of dark star brewery. They started out with a different name and have recently upgraded again there brewery having moved out of the pub. They have lots of lovely beers on tap and in bottle. You can get your drinks in a variety of glasses including pints, halves and thirds if you so desire. They have an ever changing selection of beers but also have all the other spirits like gin, rum, whiskey etc. They have pub snacks and wifi too. There is a nice atmosphere here with friendly locals that provide good conversation. Only problem is that I get some of the beers there at the bottle shop a lot cheaper. Bottle shop is not the cheapest place to drink in Canterbury but possibly the best. So I’m reluctant to spend £3.80 on a Beavertown can that I can get for £2.50 as its a special deal. However, the Siren was quite expensive although it was the wine barrel aged undercurrant, the whiskey barrel aged broken dreams and the Americano not the normal ones so roughly about the same price. I had a new brewery today too, magic rock. They had an ipa villainous and a stout dark arts. Look forward to trying more of them I’m not soaking wet, cold and wearing dirty clothes. Also just having eaten a chocolate bar.
The other thing I did was search for trafalgur wines however google took me to 13 trafalgur which is an empty shop that used to deal in insurance. You need to back track to 23 which is quite difficult as most shops don’t have numbers on them. Ironically it was closed so we reversed course to the evening star. Next time we intend to go to royal standard as they advertise craft beer and the lion and lobster is a nice pub on 3 levels but doesn’t have very good beers. Harveys and Dark Star are your best bet here. The coach house is a restaurant with very nice food but not really a place for beer.

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