Style Guide – IPA

Yeah more IPA talk although these are US only beers as far as I know.

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August 7th is international IPA day and to celebrate last night we had a little get together with our friend Allan to sample a few and pick our favourites. I have mentioned IPA’s before in a few other posts but here is a recap of a few notes about the style. It originated when beer was being transported by sea from Britain to India during the times of British colonization. In order to survive the long voyage the beer was strongly hopped. Hops, as well as the slightly higher alcohol content, act as natural preservatives and would ensure that the beer would make it to its final destination. The average IBU‘s (bitterness units) for an IPA can be anywhere for 40-120, the highest numbers are going to be double IPAs or imperial IPAs (containing higher alcohol content). The ABV (alcohol by volume) can range anywhere from 5-7.5% for standard IPAs…

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