Return to normality

Now everybody knows that as September rolls around the world returns to work weather that be school, college, university or actual work of some description. With this means that the consumption of alcohol decreases as we need to save up money again from the onslaught of dare I say it Christmas. This is why there has not been many of my posts on beer recently but plenty of others that I found to fill the gap. I have drank a few which I will talk a little about here and I will continue drinking a couple just not to the excess of the previous months were I have totally gone for it, my health, liver and wallet can’t keep up. 

I have a new friend (also called Sam to confuse matters even more) who I may get to join me at the Bottle Shop to introduce him to one of the delights of Canterbury for him to have interesting conversations with Stephan as there both psychology students. So I have shared with him Bombardier as the Hales Place shop doesn’t stock a lot and introduced him to the choice available at Sainsburies. There I had a Brewdog Punk IPA which actually tasted a lot better than before and Sam (hubby) had some other beers. The next day the 2 of us had a Green Flash IPA which I thought was a bit too harsh and bitter in its backbone and after taste, a Mikeller which was a lot nicer and a Kernal 12/04 porter. Kernal don’t do a lot of dark being more known for there IPA‘s but this was really good. It had exactly the flavours you look for in the right amounts, coffee, chocolate, rich, silky taste and feel with a carbonation that wasn’t really present. It had some head on it which is what you want when drinking a dark beer. I think Stephan did us proud there thanks for the advice.


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