My birthday

This post has been much delayed as I have been rather busy. I also get busy around my birthday and this year it was a milestone my 30th so busiest than most. Plus with a husband in the student rental market its always chaos. Thankfully this year I’m not moving house and going on holiday in the same short period.

So I went to the bottle shop for a couple when I was having my birthday party which was last Saturday and I brought my friends with me as you do. Stephan was very helpful and I had 2
‘s the Electric India and the Cocoa Psycho and also sampled the Goose Island Matilda which I had been wanting to for a while. The Electric India is exactly what you want in a hoppy saison and is straight down the line for expectations on taste. It is a good starter beer. The Cocoa psycho was nice, so much so when I went home I drank another one that I had. I was def in the mood for dark after light and its strong at 10%. I had a beer in between I believe and it wasn’t very nice, it was drinkable but I wouldn’t have it again. Unfortunately I can’t remember what it was. Certainly didn’t make an impression on me.

I have now drunk the other beer I bought for my birthday which was Siren’s Even more Jesus 8 Coffee. Now I know I sometimes complain about Drew saying all the beers in the Bottle Shop are awesome which they are, they have different levels of awesomeness. We don’t live in South Park in the episode where everything is described as Marklar. We have adjectives to describe things for a reason. Anywayz I’m digressing, the above mentioned beer is “oh my god this is awesome you should try this.” This was how Drew sold it to me and it so totally is. Disregard the fact this is £11 roughly and 12.5%. The flavours and complexity contained within this beer are out of this world. I hadn’t been drinking so I could properly appreciate what was inside this. I had a sample at my party so I knew I was in for good things when I did open my own wax sealed bottle. You know its good when they wax seal it. Strangely I’m thinking and writing all this in Drew’s voice lol. Just as an aside, when I was at the Kent 40th anniversary beer festival I had the Tsarina Esra which was a highly recommended awesome beer although I was pretty smashed at the point. The half pint tankard survived intact though al la Britney Spears. Siren and Evil Twin beat Tsarina Esra but only because you can’t drink both and still be able to do things afterward, so a side by side comparison isn’t really possible.

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