last friday night – brewdog tasting

and we will do it all again on saturday and sunday.

Well me and the hubby (also called Sam) had a quiet night in and invited our friend Sam over with of course the admittance price of beer and pizza 😉

It started easily with a Weird Beard Marinara Trench, (American pale ale) that I got from the Bottle Shop from Drew one of 6 that I will describe. It was good as always and went well with my ham pasta and veg.

Beer number 2 was a belgian saison from Brooklyn that was a half ale meaning it had half the amount of alcohol that is usually in a beer. 3.4% Its meant to be drunk when the sun is up and it was still but I found this rather lacking and boring. So lacklustre I gave the second half to friend Sam later in the evening and he drank only a quarter. Hubby tried but immediately disliked it because its not his style. So a big thumbs down for this one I’m afraid. Brooklyn are rather more commercial than most craft beers though.

Third and fourth were the 2 latest IPA offerings from Siren, there 10 finger discount which is Citra hops aged in cedar wood barrels and middle finger discount which is mosaic hops aged in cedar barrels. We tried the mosaic first as that is one of our most favourite hops. however with the cedar contribution it doesn’t mesh well and you get a rather underwhelming beer which is a huge disappointment. The Citra on the other hand works much better as the hop profile of citrus and pine suits cedar itself a pine much better.

The fifth beer was an experiment as it was last years Hoppy Christmas, a festive IPA from Brewdog. It was still in date but the hops had died (although I didn’t know this until drinking). It was a nice mellow, smooth beer that was still quite drinakable but it was a poor imitation of what it must have been fresh as there was nothing festive about it at all.

The sixth beer was Tool Black malts and Body Salts coffee IPA. I have been drinking a lot of coffee IPAs recently but more on them later. This has french press coffee in it so intially you think your drinking a stout, then you get the IPA and for me it was disconcerting how you would get one taste and then the other but its still very enjoyable. Hubby Sam still really liked it.

Then the Brewdog tasting started in earnest with Punk IPA, 5am Saint, Dead Pony Club while watching first, Fight Club, which is an epic cult movie that I can’t believe I have never seen before and very appropriate for the beer choice and then Don’t mess with the Zohan which is actually really funny but has to be one of the world’s worst advertised movies.

It was here that I bowed out having started quite early with it now being quite late but I ate the pizza too.

On a side note having said earlier that Siren would most definitely win in a contest with Brewdog, now I’m not so sure having had several of there beers. Maybe I should make my own tasting war to find out?

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