Mother Gets Kicked Out Of Bar For Drinking While Breastfeeding!

Well your not supposed to drink at all when breast feeding because it passes over into your milk and since you just spent 9 months not drinking what is another 6? However, I haven’t personally gone through this so I can’t be all holier than thou.

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According to Newser, Chrystal McCullough, a Virginia woman, is upset  after a local bar reportedly kicked her out for breast-feeding while drinking a beer.  She was at Big Woody’s bar in Chesapeake, where she was celebrating buying a new home over Labor Day weekend, closed her tab when they noticed her breast-feeding her infant daughter.

McCullough claims she had two sips of beer before she began nursing her daughter.

Then, people noticed her drinking some Fireball whiskey and that’s  when they closed her tab out.

McCullough said “I had a huge water I was downing. I had a beer and a shot of Fireball in front of me, but that was for after I was done.”

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