Saturday night fever – Coffee IPA’s

Ah ah ah staying alive – thankfully I thought on Sunday.

We went back to the bottleshop the next day to talk to Stephan about life, the universe and everything. Turns out it amounts to 42 who would have known?

First beer was Citra, Ella and Centennial IPA from Kernel. It took me a while to decide what beer I wanted to have but also because Ella is a hop that has a new name. It used to be called Stella but Stella Artois filed a suit against this in July 2012 so its new name is Ella. This is a nice beer that tastes similiar to a Nelson Sauvin (NZ) flavoured beer because Ella is a aussie hop. It has a flavourful, wine characteristic. Citra and Centennial complement Ella nicely.

Next one I had was the Victory Storm King Imperial Stout. Now this is an extremely high rated beer on Rate Beer and it is quite deserving of high marks. It has your sterotypical stout tastes of coffee, bitterness, chocolate, I thought there was a little bit of spice in there. Its a good looking beer as well.

Next one hubby had was the Siren Americano Coffee IPA. I have had this a couple of times now. Intially it was really nice, an introduction to the style but then as I had more it dropped down the rankings. My current favourite is Mikkeller Koppi Coffee IPA Citra & Michiti.

I also had the Kernel India Porter which is also a nice, easy going beer. The IPA and the porter coincide in the glass nicely. Its not too heavy on either side which is good.

By the way on Rate beer regardless of whether a beer is a normal IPA or a coffee IPA they still come under IPA which doesn’t always help when writing articles later. Same for smoked ales. Whether its a pilsner i.e. the Cowboy by Evil Twin or a porter i.e. Smog Rocket by Beavertown there the same category. I guess they thought 76 was enough because it could possibly be subdivided a lot more. Also what I would call an IPA like the above Kernel or the Mariana Trench from the previous article is an american pale so who knows. Darkstar‘s american pale is however nice.

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