Starbucks Introduces Beer Flavored Latte

We have coffee flavoured beer so why not beer flavoured coffee.

Ashley Allf, The New Allfa


You read correct. Starbucks is now testing out a new drink called the Dark Barrel latte.  It is being tested at select locations across Ohio and Florida. It is meant to taste like a nice dark Irish stout, but it does not contain any alcohol.  Social Media poured in their thoughts on the new latte. Lot’s of Hmm’s, Mmm’s, and Eww’s.anigif_enhanced-21145-1398696626-11

It is also available as a blended Frappuccino.  The stout flavor is actually a roasted malt flavor. So no beer and no alcohol.  The Dark Barrel Latte is topped with cream and has dark caramel sauce and a flavored syrup the resembles…

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