Life Returns to Canterbury

Every September the population of Canterbury doubled as the latest influx of students both foreign and local return to start there university/ college courses at either University of Kent, Christchurch University or University of Creative arts. The college is Canterbury College. They line the streets and as my husband recently complained take all the pizza, cereal and alcohol so that he doesn’t have what he wants available any more. However I don’t know why he is complaining as they pay him rent every month or not as the case maybe. All 17 of them currently but the property empire is always ripe for expansion.

It is very noticeable when there not here as Canterbury is relatively quiet although there is also the french school groups or asian tourists that seem to be ever present. I have learnt never to go shopping at the weekend in town whenever possible. Its fair better at Asda which takes them a while to find and during the week.

The other thing that happens every year as well as Freshers Fair at both Kent and Christchurch where I go to get lots of freebies as you always need more stationary and you get other interesting things like a screen cleaner/keyboard cleaner thank you Samaritans; is the Food and Drink Fair at the Dane John Gardens. Here you can get lots of food and drink samples from local artisans as well as stocking your larder/fridge with local produce that is only easily obtainable once a year. It runs from Friday-Sunday but its always best to go on Friday as they have lots of stock and there is not too many crowds.

I also went to Waitrose on Friday to get my daily free hot drink and buy a piece of cake but there was only the sport pages available so I got the Waitrose weekender instead. Then I went to CitySpace which is a Christian charity that is open Mondays and Thursdays – Saturdays. It provides space for people to relax from the hustle and bustle with a free drink and biscuits as well as the opportunity to chat, pray or do arts and crafts. Artisans can also sell there items as well as advertise another charity initiatives. I did a Macmillian coffee morning there earlier in the year and there have been one at both Kent and Christchurch on Friday.

I have been trying to get to another church initiative at St Mary Bredin Church which is a popular church with uni people but mornings are never good for me so Thursday Breakfast Club will remain unattended. I did go there once but it was the the day they sold out so I didn’t get any breakfast which I was looking forward to as first time is free. I had a Subway instead and investigated the cinema as Odeon are doing 40% off at the moment but the times just haven’t worked for me. Its a shame as there is lots of movies that I have wanted to see but the weather has been rather nice and I don’t wish to go when it has been invaded by french teenagers wishing to watch Sextape purely because it looks like the most unlikely film that they will be allowed to watch.

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