Poser student hehe

On Wednesday Christchurch uni had there freshers Fair from 10 am – 3 pm but I didn’t manage to go as I was being the good housewife that I am cleaning, tidying and doing the shopping. On Thursday after my tasks I went to Kent Uni where I am an alumni to sample the delights of another year of Freshers Fair. I went too late to get anything decent and just got lots of pens but I did meet up with my friend Sam. Then we met a new friend called Jack and had drinks at Origins which is the Darwin bar. I had already had a Whispering Bob that I got from Alex as his dad makes it, at the Bottle Shop because I know there is terrible beer at the Uni and it was a nice sunny day plus when your pretending to be something your not its OK to start drinking before 5 pm wearing a Pokemon t-shirt and looking a bit like a charmander with a red jacket and designer jeans to go with the evolution of Charmander just minus the tail.

This is where it went at bit downhill as I had 2 Desperadoes which are tequila beers and then I drank Sam’s because he was triple parked with Pepsi and a Jack Harkness which is Captains Morgan’s rum and Jack Daniels. These rules apply only when your a student and he was taking too long being distracted by his new girlfriend Grace on there first date. He had previously had water, just like I had. There was also a Relentless in the mix somewhere. We listened to nice music on the jukebox kindly paid for by Sam and Jack as they wished to educate there fellow freshers in a different style of music. Had a bit of karaoke to Hotel California and got a girl to join in with us. This resulted in the staff handing out adverts for there karaoke night. On the subject of Grace after we had chatted for a bit me and Jack decided to give them some time alone and I educated him a bit about beer and Canterbury since he was drinking Budweiser and also liked Kronenburg and Corona. He had the Black Isle Red Kite on my recommendation and I had the Tool Snowball. Jack liked his beer and got to meet Lucy. I was trying the new Tool beers as there most likely going to be on the tasting next week but I was rather drunk so can’t rely on what I thought of it. It was quite nice but I need to have when I’m more sober.

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