Canterbury amateur brewers

I finally went to one of those meetings yesterday at the Bottleshop and resolved my issue with Julia as she is unique. They have lots of nice beers that they brew themselves. On trial today were 35 different beers. I think I only had about 5. They were nice and you could tell they were different. 3 light, one which tasted of honey but didn’t actually have honey in and another that tasted slightly of marmalade, the third was a bit citrusy, 2 dark, a stout and the second stout having cocoa nibs and chilli. The reason that I don’t remember is that they have a blind tasting so the judges like Dave from the BottleShop this week just drink bottle 1 through to however many are in the competition. There are a lot more outside of the competition. I only got to smell Anthony’s Christmas ale but that was good with the citrus and spices. I expect it tasted even better. Those not in the competition got told the name the have given it along with its hops and could even see the recipe. The prize for winning the monthly competition is to have your beer brewed at full scale by Ed of the Foundry who was also present. The Canterbury Amateur Brewers have a Facebook site for those that are interested in starting there own but even with the name change I still can’t find it.

I also bought Sam a Mikkeller as well as one for myself. 2 different ones, possibly Green Gold as it was american style but as far as I know wasn’t gluten free which was better as it was stronger and sweeter with syrupy notes and a single hop session ipa that tasted similar and is a collaboration with Tool, Underall Galaxy.  I also had a Kernel ipa apollo simcoe centennial ella. It was slightly piny but was a pretty good beer. Its getting away from what I like but he’s always changing. Sam also had Weird Beard Double Perle and that is really nice. This is the Black Perle which I had recently but doubled in strength. Its to commemorate their 100th brew.
Also sam brought home a kernel cascade amarillo ella in a big bottle that he polished off. For take home the brewers gave us a bottle of there oatmeal pale ale that I will try later. Sam already had his half.

In conclusion although writing soon after an event is a good idea as you remember all the details (especially important if you suffer from short term memory loss like myself,) writing it when your kinda drunk is not a good idea as you can only remember half of them. Best wait until the next morning then you can write it properly and research any details you might if you have forgotten names etc. Thats why there has been 2 very different versions of this article but according to my stats nobody read the first which is perhaps good that I forgot all the tags. Plus its a bit annoying on mobile to do all that stuff. It also only tends to list the ones that have started in that way and not the others that were written on my desktop.

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