This is a Danish brewery that was started by a chemistry teacher Mikkell along with his child friend Kristian Keller hence the name. They make very nice beers that are quite popular even in the UK.

I have had the Citra Michiti Coffee IPA which was really nice and I was talking about yesterday to Gywn who had the job of washing up lots of glasses for the tasting. I’ve also drank the collab with Brewdog I hardcore you and the collab with Tool Underall Galaxy. Mikkeller are a gypsy brewer as they don’t actually have any premises but just use others equipment to make really interesting unusual beers. This must be quite difficult for shipping, staff and everything else that is required to run a business but I guess its the equivalent of only selling online and not having a store.

They have had lots of Mikkellers in the Bottle shop and I have also had the Breakfast which is really nice but I missed out on the Bacon. They might have had the Vanilla Shake in too but I didn’t get to that one in time either. In fact I missed most of them because they went so quickly. A while ago I had the Texas Ranger which was a very nice smoky beer.

Mikkeller also are curious people and have made an 20 single hop beer series for scientific purposes with varying IBU’s (International Bittering Units) to see how the different hops age etc. These all have the same amount of hops in them so that it will be a fair experiment. There is another series of 15 beers also but this time all the beers have 100 IBU’s and this is done from a drinking point of view as lots of people my husband included like big hop filled beers.

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