A Quiet Night Out with a dark beer standoff

This may seem like a contradiction on terms but it is completely possible. We went to Wagamamas as we hadn’t been there for ages and wanted Asian food but having been to both Supernoodles and Tamago relatively recently that was a cheap option. It was really noisy and they kept trying to give us the wrong drink. First an extra peach ice tea turned up, then a green tea and finally 2 cokes. Also we were really hungry and even though we had a duck gyoza to start with my husbands meal came a long time before mine so I was left looking mournfully at his chicken ramen while waiting for my chicken teriyaki donsai to turn up. He did share thankfully and both dishes were nice but it was a bit confusing with the numbers written on the sheet and the amount of times. We had to wait for a second water as that was forgotten. My husband had to remind our server Nicky. So in conclusion we will not be returning anytime soon to Wagamamas.

Thankfully the beer from you guessed it the Bottleshop was much better. I had a ginger beer first to counteract the quickness that I had eaten my dinner with while Sam tried the Brewdog Zeitgeist which was on tap. This is a black lager that some say is too lagery for there tastes but it tastes more dark to us. I later went on to have a half pint of this as it has nice roast tastes to it.

“For those that want to know its a portmanteaux of 2 German words meaning time and spirit. It relates to anything that is significant of a particular part of time. E.g. cult movies are pinnacles of their time.”

There was also a debate on the qualities of darker beers that have been in recently with the Victory Storm King, the Brewdog Cocoa Psycho, Brooklyn Chocolate Stout and Weird Beard Double Perle all in the running. I have had them all and while I like them there is a definite ranking. However this varies depending on who you talk to. Me, Sam and Stephan who was on all agree that Brooklyn was bottom but while Sam would put Victory first with Brewdog second and Weird Beard Third I would say at the moment its Weird Beard first then Victory just edging out Brewdog. However these beers are not all of the same style so its not a true comparison as Double Perle is a milk stout, where as the others are just stouts. As far as I remember Stephan had the Brewdog first then Victory and Weird Beard. That night I had the Double Perle while Sam had the Cocoa Psycho to assist in the rating war. He would most probably had a Storm King if there was any left.

We had a nice chat to Andrew about inheritance tax as he is a mathematician and then took home a Brew by Number 05 03 which is Amarillo and Mosaic. I think this is payment for the brewer were going to see on Monday for a demonstration.

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