Musings on the changing seasons

I have thought that since the usual refresh rate of the bottle shop has slowed down quite considerably recently that all the brewers must be brewing like mad due to the change in weather. Stephan was not sure about that but it may also have something to do with people prepping for Christmas so slowly down the consumption or just the fact since its now work/school time they have less free time. Another possibility could be that there is not much good beer out there as Wetherspoons has upped its range of craft beer recently to keep up with the recent trend however its just not as good as the bottle shop. We had the Lagunitas IPA which was a Stephan recommendation and it was quite good but the others we tried like the Crystal Rye IPA or the Devil’s Backbone just didn’t match up. This could just be something to do with the fact that even if you bring over us people, hops and malt, the water is going to be different as well as the climatic conditions so your never going to get exactly the same beer due to the very nature of craft beer.

After Spoons we went to the Bottle Shop and I had the golden ale from Brew by Numbers 02/12. It wasn’t anything special to me but Sam liked it. We also got to have a nice chat to Alex about his landlord issues. We also met a new guy called Simon and chatted about how people can sometime look like there name or that if you knew a person with a certain name and you didn’t like them then that sometimes colours your view of future people with that name.

We got the chance to drink the Mikkeller Brunch Weasel which is an imperial oatmeal stout with coffee at 10.9% and that is so good. Its £9 for 330 ml bottle but its made with civet coffee hence the price tag. Its totally worth it though. Nothing dark after that is going to taste as good so I had the mead that they have in which tastes of comb honey and little bit appley like the bees had been visiting apple trees almost exclusively.

Just a side note ages ago I had the Brewdog Jack Hammer and the Omnipollo 
Magic 8 Ball. The Jack Hammer is quite a nice big beer but I didn’t like the 8 ball at all. Its pineapple and mint so quite sour but then it is a Belgian Witbier and I have realised that as well as Weiss beer I’m not fond of wit biers since they are essentially the same. I’m also moving away from saisons as its getting colder so you need sturdier beers.

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