Surprise, Surprise

That is what happened to me yesterday as some friends turned up at the Indian that my husband had booked for dinner which was nice. He did it just for the look on my face as I had no idea and was feeling quite bored and lonely. Unfortunately since they were both coming down with colds they couldn’t stay and left the next morning after breakfast.

We did go to the bottle shop but just to pick up beers and my friends were not interested in beer even though I introduced Manveen to Belgian beer last year at my hen party at La Trappiste and Bottle Shop have Belgian beer. Best not to drink if your unwell though. I had the Buxton red raspberry rye which is a Berliner Weiss style beer that’s sour but not too sour as it has oats in it as well. Most Berliner Weiss beers are quite sour as that’s just the style. Sam bought some Kernel beer the India Porter and the Export Stout London 1890 as well as an IPA the Ella Apollo Simcoe I believe. He had some Cobra at the restaurant too. The Ancient Raj is a very nice authentic curry house in Canterbury that we go to occasionally. Its the best one that I know of but haven’t tried any others as when you know the best why bother with the rest?

He had the Weird Beard holy hopping hell batch 4 and the Victory Dirk Wolf as they have a new batch in. He thought that the 3h4 was not as good as it had been but that the dirk wolf was spot on. He had the Kernel IPA the next day along with Ella, Citra, Apollo, Simcoe.

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