Electric Citrus: the rise of the Juicy Banger

I have had the pale fire and I don’t think it was particularly remarkable and although my husband loves a gamma ray I found it too bitter. Haven’t heard anything about juicy bangers before and cant quite really think of anything that would qualify in this category that I have drunk.

Chris Hall | Beer

'Drink citrus fruit juice' by David Lisbona, from Flickr, under Creative Commons. ‘Drink citrus fruit juice’ by David Lisbona, from Flickr, under Creative Commons.

The more of them I drink, the more I realise they have something in common. Whether ale or lager, 3% or 6%, a loose new category of beer is beginning to form from the current new wave. It’s a less of a style and more of a statement of intent, and a demonstration of skill that will come to define the current crop of craft brewers in the UK.

In London we are blessed with a high number of breweries, true enough, but it’s the sheer number of beers available that really blows me away. As I’ve said before, the city seems to thirst for the most esoteric and newest things it can find, and it’s no different with beer. Lately though, it hasn’t been the barrel-aged saisons, imperial stouts or even the increasingly impressive range of quality lagers…

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