Caramelised Biscuit Cupcakes!

Thanks for the idea. I do eat it on toast but that’s more of an indulgence. What tends to happen is we eat a couple of spoonfuls of it almost like you would eat a couple of those biscuits. Not that easy to get the biscuits and the spread comes in smooth or crunchy but only from sainsbury. Have you tried pancakes as the crepe man in Canterbury does a roaring trade with it. I have since found this is now available in Tesco too.

LOVE the little bakery


Biscuits and Cupcakes you might ask .. together? Oh yes, yes indeed!

Have you ever had Biscoff Lotus biscuits before? Over in the UK, we tend to get them to accompany a cup of tea at a cafe, that’s where the love started! I absolutely love Lotus biscuits, especially with, (you guessed it), a cup of tea! The only thing I struggle with is making sure I don’t completely demolish the whole pack in one sitting! They are incredibly moorish! I honestly don’t know when to stop!

So when I saw in my local Sainsbury’s they did this in a spread, I couldn’t not get it! It practically lifted off the shelf itself and made its way into my trolley! The only thing is, I haven’t really known what to do with it. I mean its a spread yes, but caramel biscuit on toast … Tempting, but seems a little…

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