Pumpkin beer

Now I read with interest the 19 pumpkin beer posts that Simon says drink this beer made. I even asked my husband on his recent America trip to bring me some back from colorado. Both of pretty much come to the conclusion that although there is a plethora of choices out there, none of therm are really any good. It’s like Christmas beers there pretty much all terrible. I would however like to see a series on that too. I liked the one on blacklisted Beers and the email I get from another us company which tells me about off flavours in beer and how to avoid them.

I am however digressing as I wish to discuss the fact that Brewdog with there pumpkin head beer have managed to make the best yet and it’s in Britain! The Foundry which is a local brewpub for me in Canterbury make a fantastic Scrumpkin beer every year and also Beavertown have made one this year too but I haven’t tried that one yet. So you see the student has become the master 😉

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