American vs English beer

Now since my husband came back from america I have been drinking some of the samples that he got and when that ran out as some is saved for Christmas we went back to Mouton Rouge and the Bottle shop to compare the English beer again. There is not much to compare to a Kernel IPA. It is in a class of its own. The american IPA‘s while nice are a different style and not entirely to my liking. Apparently coffee, chocolate stouts and porters are quite difficult to get hold of at least in Colorado where he went. He did however drink a lot and went far and wide when he was not hunting elk. So maybe the lack of representation was due to hazing but also the space consideration. He wasn’t sure what he would find as he brought some gifts over too. It is also interesting to drink american beers in the UK and compare them to the same thing brought over from the US. When I go over there next year I expect my appreciation of american beer to increase phonemically.

I drank the Sierra Nevada porter yesterday as I wanted to try an american attempt at a porter and while it was a pretty standard porter it was nothing special. I had a Founders coffee chocolate oatmeal stout afterwards and this is usually the style that I love but it didn’t seem all that good especially after Sam raved about it but then he was a little drunk that could account for that. He is far more into american beer than I am but he has had several trips to acclimatise himself to it. I had the Espresso stout from Dark Star when I got home and that was much more to my liking. Should have not been curious and stuck to my guns and drank Siren‘s Broken Dreams or Brewdog‘s Cocoa Psycho but I can never make up my mind over new and unknown vs old and known. I lost valuable drinking time on Thursday and Friday due to my indecision.

On an aside Brewdog is quite hard to get hold of in the US at the moment so is expensive and we will most likely take some out with us next time. On Friday had the U Boat which is a porter collab with Victory that make the Storm King and it seemed more Victory than Brewdog but that was pretty good. The Evil Twin is a lot cheaper in the US than the UK and they have such beers like Yin and Yang. They even do it mixed. I would like to try them separately and the Molotov cocktail again. The Yeti versions I would also like to sample as Great Divide are a good brewery. Not tried them here yet although will they survive the journey?

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