The excitement that comes with new beer

I was very happy at all the new beer at the bottle shop when I returned recently. So happy that I was even more indecisive than usual and just looked at it while talking to the people we know there. I had the new batch of Something something dark side from Weird Beard which is one of Sam’s favourites and this one is quite floral which makes it taste quite innovative. I thought it was quite delicious and we had one each. He also had the Nitro stout from left hand brewing although that was later on from Mouton Rouge. Another american beer but I don’t remember having any of it since he drinks faster than me. I do want to try the Rain Cloud from Buxton but we haven’t got round to that yet and it will most likely be next week now as the weekend is more or less over and we didn’t get any earlier.

I did however finally get to try the Brixton Porter from Brewdog as that is part of there standard range but for some reason Sainsbury’s don’t stock it. It was good but not as good as others they make which is to be expected I guess. I also finally got to try the Ryesing Tides by Siren which is a really good Rye IPA. Sam has had a couple of pints of that as its been on tap.

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