Sci fi and beer geekery

Now I didn’t know that it was such a trend going around until I just read an article (beer is your friend robot ninja review) on this but I fall into both categories on the imaginary Venn diagram of society. I am a visual person so I am attracted to labels, to new and uniqueness, I am very curious always searching out the unusual but I do get reined in quite frequently by my bank balance. I do rely on my husband a lot although he is just a beer geek or should I say person that likes to drink a lot of beer lol.

I think quite a reason for the emerging popularity of craft beer and geekery in general is the current theme for superheroes, comic books and the anti establishment feeling brought on by Fight Club and our general disillusionment with the status quo. We want to reform the world in our own image as does each generation before it and this is our way. BrewDog is riding the wave by being the figurehead for this at least in my mind there spearheading it. Geeks are usually quite intelligent, introverted and not very good in social situations hence the shows based on them have a bunch a guys and one woman who is normal to help them out. (Big Bang Theory, Scorpion …) They use beer or alcohol in general to help meet others and to avoid the awkwardness that so often comes with these places as we don’t wish to offend but we quite often do without meaning to as we are quite blunt and don’t think of all the possible meaning a word could have. Its difficult enough to be there and get words out without everything else that could possibly happen. Yes I am alluding to the possibility that quite a lot of these people will have conditions that are either physical, mental or both. This makes them even more reticent to come out of there comfort zones so alcohol helps to calm down there anxieties. Too much will be overload so be careful as they will most likely have a low tolerance but a gradual introduction will be much better here.

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