Untappd: a beer-drinking app

This is a good analysis of beer apps available. This is different to beer websites like Beer Advocate and RateBeer. However you can’t switch between the 2 or even different ones in the group which means when you start on one you might as well continue.

On Tap Diaries

Where live in a world where somebody has already invented a social network or app for everything. Beer is no exception. Untappd -which has an iOS, Android and Windows Phone version- lets you keep a record of every beer you drink, rate it and share it with your friends. As you register and rate more beers, you earn badges that give you certain status within the app. At the same time, Untappd starts recommending different kinds of beers to its users according to the previous ratings of that person.


Besides the fun generated by any app, Untappd is a great way to know trendy beers and bars in your city or any other place in the world. You can also search for bars and breweries wherever you go.

At the same time, breweries and brewpubs can create their own profiles and monitor how many people rate their beers and what…

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