Writing a novel

I have been inspired by the fact that nowadays anybody can write a novel and sell it online. All you need is time and internet access. If Veronica Roth (Divergent trilogy) and Hugh Howey (Wool series) can do it then so can I. I started writing one in the spring to cope with a tragic double death and then I left it when the intial mourning was over. Now I am returning to it to continue where I left off. They say that there is a book in all of us and I intend to find out whether there is one in me. Time will tell whether it is worth reading or not.

Every year there is NaNoWriMo or National Novel Writing Month. I admire the effort that everybody put in in hammering out about a thousand words every day but that’s not really a thing I do. The writing bug comes and goes as I’m sure you all know. I have a lot more time on my hands than the average person and I don’t need to write out of financial necessity like JK Rowling or Jack Monroe did. I very much do things as and when I please. I don’t like to be told what to do although telling others what to do can be quite enjoyable. I have a very strange mind that comes up with all sorts of odd feelings and thoughts, so more appropriate than others. I’m most definitely divergent and share qualities with Ender from Ender’s game. I also like books that have a strong female character like the Hunger Games movies or the Alanna series of books by Tamora Pierce. Strangely enough the book I’m currently attempting to write has a male lead character but that is because I mainly think of myself as male and I have always been more comfortable around males which has left myself as a tomboy. Mind you JK Rowling wrote Harry Potter so I don’t see why not.

Writing a novel is an admirable thing and is another way of doing something constructive with your time when other more traditional options have failed. I have never fit in like everybody else. I have always been a square peg in a round hole and the only way that can fit is if you damage and blunt the peg so that is less than what it was before but now round like everybody else. Diversity is a great quality but one that is not always appreciated due to the shock of the new. (Also the title of the first episode of the first series of mutant x).

I am very good at taking others ideas and changing them for my own usage a bit like the Japanese do. I watching Studio Ghibli recently and thinking that most of Japan must be like me as I like Nintendo and Samsung. I like karaoke (although I’m terrible), anime and Japanese food. I would like to visit Japan one day to see the cherry blossom that is famous for but also so that my cosplaying can be improved and understood.

TV Shows About Beer That Are Worth Watching

Trust the Brew Dog guys to make a show as well.

On Tap Diaries

Craft brewing is currently going through a huge worldwide revolution. This means that there are not only more breweries and consumers but also a whole market generated around this product. Merchandising, courses, guided tastings and, why not, TV shows and even movies.

There are two TV series that we strongly believe are great, interesting and that mebrewers and beer lovers can totally enjoy.

Brew Masters


The show was aired in 2010 by Discovery Channel. It tells the story of Sam Calagione and his brewery, Dogfish Head, from Delaware, USA. The Company was founded in 1995 with the slogan “Off-centred ales for off-centred people” and it is known for its 90 minute IPA and for the Punkin’ Ale.

In the show, Sam starts each episode looking for new brewing recipes: from unseen, innovative ones to copies of ancient styles such as Peruvian Chicha and the one that was brewed in…

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The curious incident of the dog in the night time

Last night at the Gielgud theatre I went to see the aforementioned play. I had read the book and its very stereotypical autism and quite boring in the depth and detail it goes into as everyday life doesn’t often make a page turner.
I was pleasantly surprised by the play they have turned it into. It is far more enjoyable to watch as its shorter but with still all the relevant bits in it just your not bogged down with irrelevant details. However Christopher does list things in certain places that I thought was quite funny as I do exactly the same thing. I saw a lot of myself in him and my husband found it quite illuminating as it made him understand why I do certain things or act in certain ways when a given situation presents itself.
The set is kept quite basic with props that can be easily moved around around to keep the action free flowing. There are about 10 members with varying roles some bigger than others as you would expect. Very little costume changes are required and the use of sound and lighting is quite ingenious to display Christopher’s inner thoughts and feelings which is often a difficulty for those with autism. I would recommend small children see it though because of the swearing involved which is most peoples reaction to an autistic person doing something that they themselves would not do.

Rural kent craft beer/food

Last night I went back to the Stilebridge pub which is in Marden. This is the nearest pub that is not a Shepherd Neame. It stocks local beers, a couple of craft beers but mainly Belgian beers. When we were starting on our beer journey it was the place to go and now since we have progressed through the Belgian era onto craft beer, although its selection is not as good as we can get elsewhere, its better than nothing. I’m reminded of the good deal that is present at the bottle shop with Beavertown cans when I have to pony up £3.50-£4 for something that usually costs me £2.50 ;( Needless to say I do try to avoid paying that price whenever possible.

The most recent I have had is the Bristol Milk stout which is in bottles but cheaper on tap at the moment. They also have a chocolate chilli stout from Ilkley in bottles. As to Belgian beer they have Kriek Boon cherry bottled beer and bottles of Gueuze Boon which is a very sour beer. They have more common bottled Belgian beers too like the blue and red Chimays. The Maredsous 6 is currently on tap.

The barman Marc brews his own beer and sometimes if you are lucky you will get to sample it and even buy it if his has sufficient. It is very nice stuff, better than the stuff in bottles sometimes.

They also do food with a dedicated seating area away from the bar for sit down meals. These are also good as I partook in one last year. Snacks are available or you can have lighter things closer to the bar if you would like.

In the summer you can sit outside at the picnic tables and they might even have a bbq.

The bus route runs right in front of the pub which is handy if you don’t want to drive but it is infrequent and occasionally irregular so I wouldn’t rely on it too much.

Books and their visual adapations

I have read both Game of Thrones books and watched the tv shows. I am very happy with both incarnations. Same for Lord of the Rings. However the same can be said for Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy which I thought was atrocious.  I have been reading the Hunger Games recently which actually was quite boring. Maybe I should have read the books first but I didn’t know about them before hand. I have just watched Divergent and I’m reading the book too. This is seeming to have the same problem. Yes there teen adult books as I call them but no need for them to be so simplistic. I guess it needs to pander to there limited attention span. Its not all bad news as I read the Uglies series of books by Scott Westerfield and I thought they were rather good. Enders Game and Cloud Atlas are also based on books and there movies are really good. Terry Pratchett’s books vary depending on the subjects covered in each one.

Why Blog?

A very good piece.

Literature and Libation

This post is part of a prompt from my fellow Mid-Atlantic beer bloggers. The idea is to get introspective, take some time as we hide under blankets from winter’s chill to think about how blogging (or writing about beer in general) has changed, or influenced, or mangled our relationship with the beer itself.

I’m going to argue that this blog hasn’t changed my relationship with beer.

It has changed my relationship with everything.

When talking writing, blogging, or any unpaid word mining and sentence smithing, the same question always seems to sneak out: why do it? Why spend so many hours, so much energy, keeping a digital journal of your thoughts and stories? It’s a legitimate query, and one that doesn’t always have a good answer. Blogging (well) involves more work than most people realize, and unless you win the internet lottery and ride the viral train to hits-town, there’s often very little return on investment (especially…

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