Market Research

You would think at this time of year there would be a lot going on, but opportunities from SuperSavvyMe (Proctor and Gamble or P and G) to try out their latest products have been a bit thin on the ground for a while now. Thankfully I had a coupon from Tesco Orchard try out the Tesco Finest & Christmas food to order range. This is something that I was able to use twice last night as I got £1.50 off some Lamb Steaks as well as being able to get pulled pork shoulder for £1 with the £5 off coupon. I have also had their Clubcard money off coupon and a price guarantee coupon so have been getting lots of fuel save coupons too. This means most of my most recent food shops have come from Tesco which makes a change from my usual Asda shops.

Sometimes I enter the daily competitions that Glamour have and get all sorts of samples from them. I got bored of that as it wasn’t special anymore although the products constantly changed. My mum liked it when she would get surprise though because I didn’t tell as I never knew whether she was going to get them or not.

Most of the giveaways are repeated so once you have got the item it doesn’t seem right to continually enter and deprive other people of the chance of winning.

It is nice when you can help others out though by giving them coupons, products or getting them to sign up so they can enjoy the benefits too. Its a good way for students/housewives to earn extra cash etc.

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