Recent beery activities

I had some Evil Twin Disco Beer as well as some Bible Belt Even More which is a collab between Prairie Ales and Evil Twin. I liked the first but I couldn’t get the complexity of flavours that my husband was experiencing so I let him finish it as he really liked it. We both really liked the second one as it was stunning. It was an imperial stout with coffee, chocolate, chillies and vanilla. That is the order in which I tasted the ingredients and there strength in the overall drinking process. This is a 13% stout but you wouldn’t know it. I look forward to tasting the bomb from Prairie Ales as that is the other half of this mix up. Even more jesus is an awesome beer as I have previously said. This one was chosen specifically for me whereas the first was more for himself. These were from Craft Beer Company in Brighton.

At our latest rendezvous at the Bottle Shop we decided to have some IPAs as we had been drinking a lot of stouts and porters recently. I had Kernel Mosaic Zeus where he had Kernel Cascade Citra Simcoe I believe. There both really good as usual but I think mine was just a bit better. Since we were having more vibrant, lively beers in terms of fresh flavours I then had a rye IPA Rysing Tides from Siren. I had sampled this when it was on tap recently and was really good but something went a bit wrong in this particularly bottle as it didn’t taste right. Sam remarked a couple of times as we were sharing beers that it tasted skunky or of weed. We drank it but put it down to the fact that this one must have gotten oxidised somewhere along the line and it was well within its sell by date having only been produced in October and valid till next October. I thought about having the Weird Beard Something Something Darkside next but the last beer affected me more than I expected and was off putting so I don’t think we had anymore and went home since it was a quiet night and part of the reason of going to the Bottle Shop is to get out of the house and talk to people. Company is a good thing to reassure you that your not going crazy or turning into an alcoholic thinking, reading, writing and drinking this much beer.

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