I have found a beer women will like – and, ironically, it’s pink

I think trying to market a beer specifically to women is a bad for all the reasons you have mentioned. I have always preferred beer to wine but then I’m more of a tomboy and I don’t see that ever changing. I’ve swayed towards the darker stuff because it’s more flavoursome, less bitter but also crucially tends to be less carbonated. The fact it’s higher in alcohol too tends to be a bonus. I have grown to like ipas but due to the seasons I switch but also depending on mood, occasion and company. I drink the same beers as my husband. I like the equality in beer choice as there not just for men are they?


Oh, irony. It’s only a very short time since I mocked Nick Fell, marketing director at SABMiller, for sharing with us, in a presentation about getting more women to drink beer, the “duh, really?” statement that “no one wants a pink beer, including ladies.” But now I have discovered a beer I’m sure very many women will like – and it’s pink.

Not that they’ll like it because of its colour, of course: they’ll like it because it’s a very fine beer, with great depth and complexity of flavour, a beautiful deep bassoon-like bitterness (in contrast to the violins-and-saxophones bitterness of hoppier beers) giving structure to a sweetness that is laced through with liquorish and dark green herbal flavours. How do I know women will like it? Because when I sampled a bottle myself, right after thinking: “This is an extraordinarily good beer”, my next thought was: “I bet Mrs…

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