Footloose and fancy free

Footloose is a feel good movie that everybody has probably seen and if they haven’t should, to laugh even more at Guardians of the Galaxy because it is a really good and they are going to make a sequel. Make somewhere they can shoehorn in Kevin Bacon? He is now considerably older but if he can do the moves why not? He can have a dance off lol. Also doing six degrees of separation is quite fun. There is an Internet game where you do this with 2 random Wikipedia articles. Just in case you wanted to know my bacon number is 2 but that is for someone else with my name. For fun I put in my husbands name and his is 3 but again someone else.
As to being fancy free that is because I’m not employed, pregnant or with kids. This may make a lot of people envious but you really do get to learn about yourself, society and the world in general. You achieve a peace which is quite rare doing what you want, when you with few restrictions on your time, energy or money. I’m not motivated by money but do like to help others and the world. Unfortunately, there not so grateful so you become jaded but that is possibly one reason why we have children. To restore our faith in everything and to become reborn.
There is 2 sides to everything as frequently shown in the media but we must learn to appreciate what we currently have, (thanksgiving), examine why we really want or need more (commercialism) but also remember that progress is necessary for the human race to continue (evolution). So if you really want something, buy it, but be aware there may be consequences if it was not a well thought out choice.

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