The theory of life, the universe and everything

I have just watched a trailer for the movie made about Stephen Hawking’s life. I think he is an astonishing man and he has achieved so much more than was expected of him when he was first diagnosed with motor neurone disease. Such a shame that Alan Turing couldn’t enjoy the same kind of freedom even though I did enjoy the movie about his life. Douglas Adams was another whose life was ended too abruptly. He works of genius may be literary nonsense but there still valid as works of art and an enduring legacy. As this is what being human is all about leaving the world a better, richer place for you having been in it. You took what it had to offer and then you made more, maybe not in the literal sense of children but you created something that others can improve upon when you are gone. Society grows because everybody is building on what there fore fathers built. Sometimes destruction is necessary if you go the wrong way but remember why, don’t obliterate all records otherwise it will be done again. History is there to help us understand where we have come from so we can journey to the bright lights of future unencumbered by the doubts of the present.
I have a friend who is blind and has been all her life and I am always amazed at how she copes. She does many things that we take for granted eg getting a university education, a job, a husband. Of course there are the simpler things like crossing a road, making a cup of tea or looking in a cupboard or in between things like knitting. If everybody was more compassionate and accepting, the world would be a lot better place as we would be more understanding and erudite as well as less violent.

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