Tunbridge Wells craft beer scene

This is a bit delayed this report but I went to the beer seller again to get some craft beer but as usual the man never said anything, had very little stock in his shop which is 4 times the size of the bottle shop in Canterbury with half the amount of bottles, it’s dusty, warm, next to no description and to add insult to injury, some of the bottles are months past there sell by date! This is a disgrace and as much as I dislike sales talk, silence is worse.
We went back to the Internet and found that there was a new craft beer cafe called fuggles beer cafe/restaurant. It was a very nice place with cider, wine, gin, non alcoholic beverages and cold food as they have no kitchen. There staff are knowledgeable as well! There was about 15 taps on the wall to get various craft beers but there are also bigger ones on the bar that has more options to choose from. There menu lists all there styles and is organised by budget inside too. I’d say there is about 50. You can sample or drink by the third, half or full pint. You can buy the bottles to drink in too and there is a third off takeaway drinks. Makes the more special drinks more affordable. Very busy at the weekend, so much so that we just used the takeaway.
There is another craft beer place in Tunbridge Wells in the pantiles area but I haven’t been to it just looked it up on the net. It’s called the ragged trousers. Google also comes up with the Duke of York pub.

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