Books and their visual adapations

I have read both Game of Thrones books and watched the tv shows. I am very happy with both incarnations. Same for Lord of the Rings. However the same can be said for Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy which I thought was atrocious.  I have been reading the Hunger Games recently which actually was quite boring. Maybe I should have read the books first but I didn’t know about them before hand. I have just watched Divergent and I’m reading the book too. This is seeming to have the same problem. Yes there teen adult books as I call them but no need for them to be so simplistic. I guess it needs to pander to there limited attention span. Its not all bad news as I read the Uglies series of books by Scott Westerfield and I thought they were rather good. Enders Game and Cloud Atlas are also based on books and there movies are really good. Terry Pratchett’s books vary depending on the subjects covered in each one.

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