Rural kent craft beer/food

Last night I went back to the Stilebridge pub which is in Marden. This is the nearest pub that is not a Shepherd Neame. It stocks local beers, a couple of craft beers but mainly Belgian beers. When we were starting on our beer journey it was the place to go and now since we have progressed through the Belgian era onto craft beer, although its selection is not as good as we can get elsewhere, its better than nothing. I’m reminded of the good deal that is present at the bottle shop with Beavertown cans when I have to pony up £3.50-£4 for something that usually costs me £2.50 ;( Needless to say I do try to avoid paying that price whenever possible.

The most recent I have had is the Bristol Milk stout which is in bottles but cheaper on tap at the moment. They also have a chocolate chilli stout from Ilkley in bottles. As to Belgian beer they have Kriek Boon cherry bottled beer and bottles of Gueuze Boon which is a very sour beer. They have more common bottled Belgian beers too like the blue and red Chimays. The Maredsous 6 is currently on tap.

The barman Marc brews his own beer and sometimes if you are lucky you will get to sample it and even buy it if his has sufficient. It is very nice stuff, better than the stuff in bottles sometimes.

They also do food with a dedicated seating area away from the bar for sit down meals. These are also good as I partook in one last year. Snacks are available or you can have lighter things closer to the bar if you would like.

In the summer you can sit outside at the picnic tables and they might even have a bbq.

The bus route runs right in front of the pub which is handy if you don’t want to drive but it is infrequent and occasionally irregular so I wouldn’t rely on it too much.

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