The curious incident of the dog in the night time

Last night at the Gielgud theatre I went to see the aforementioned play. I had read the book and its very stereotypical autism and quite boring in the depth and detail it goes into as everyday life doesn’t often make a page turner.
I was pleasantly surprised by the play they have turned it into. It is far more enjoyable to watch as its shorter but with still all the relevant bits in it just your not bogged down with irrelevant details. However Christopher does list things in certain places that I thought was quite funny as I do exactly the same thing. I saw a lot of myself in him and my husband found it quite illuminating as it made him understand why I do certain things or act in certain ways when a given situation presents itself.
The set is kept quite basic with props that can be easily moved around around to keep the action free flowing. There are about 10 members with varying roles some bigger than others as you would expect. Very little costume changes are required and the use of sound and lighting is quite ingenious to display Christopher’s inner thoughts and feelings which is often a difficulty for those with autism. I would recommend small children see it though because of the swearing involved which is most peoples reaction to an autistic person doing something that they themselves would not do.

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