Writing a novel

I have been inspired by the fact that nowadays anybody can write a novel and sell it online. All you need is time and internet access. If Veronica Roth (Divergent trilogy) and Hugh Howey (Wool series) can do it then so can I. I started writing one in the spring to cope with a tragic double death and then I left it when the intial mourning was over. Now I am returning to it to continue where I left off. They say that there is a book in all of us and I intend to find out whether there is one in me. Time will tell whether it is worth reading or not.

Every year there is NaNoWriMo or National Novel Writing Month. I admire the effort that everybody put in in hammering out about a thousand words every day but that’s not really a thing I do. The writing bug comes and goes as I’m sure you all know. I have a lot more time on my hands than the average person and I don’t need to write out of financial necessity like JK Rowling or Jack Monroe did. I very much do things as and when I please. I don’t like to be told what to do although telling others what to do can be quite enjoyable. I have a very strange mind that comes up with all sorts of odd feelings and thoughts, so more appropriate than others. I’m most definitely divergent and share qualities with Ender from Ender’s game. I also like books that have a strong female character like the Hunger Games movies or the Alanna series of books by Tamora Pierce. Strangely enough the book I’m currently attempting to write has a male lead character but that is because I mainly think of myself as male and I have always been more comfortable around males which has left myself as a tomboy. Mind you JK Rowling wrote Harry Potter so I don’t see why not.

Writing a novel is an admirable thing and is another way of doing something constructive with your time when other more traditional options have failed. I have never fit in like everybody else. I have always been a square peg in a round hole and the only way that can fit is if you damage and blunt the peg so that is less than what it was before but now round like everybody else. Diversity is a great quality but one that is not always appreciated due to the shock of the new. (Also the title of the first episode of the first series of mutant x).

I am very good at taking others ideas and changing them for my own usage a bit like the Japanese do. I watching Studio Ghibli recently and thinking that most of Japan must be like me as I like Nintendo and Samsung. I like karaoke (although I’m terrible), anime and Japanese food. I would like to visit Japan one day to see the cherry blossom that is famous for but also so that my cosplaying can be improved and understood.

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