Athens at new year

This is where I went this year having previously also been to Edinburgh, London and Alicante. (plus the Cayman Islands when I lived there). I had mixed views about it when I got there as were all told about the vast history of the place and expect it to be all these magnicificent temples etc. We are also told in the news about austerity and the fact that the government is about to go through an early election in the next month. These 2 views are very evident when you visit Athens. I was only there for a couple of days but I’ve never seen a capital city look so much like a shanty town but also quite posh with fancy buildings, shops and restaurants. Athens is a massive city that 60% of the population live in so the tap water is drinkable and you don’t have to put the paper in the bin like most of the country. This is quite a relief as I do forget at times. The other interesting thing was the greek attitude to drinking. You go into a bar and before you even order you get a glass of water. Very useful when its very hot out there but also keeps you hydrated as the air is quite dry. When you order your drink you may get some nuts or a whole board of cheese and dried meats. They don’t charge for the bottled water or the food as far as I know, its just part of the service. They do however allow smoking from the day your born and most greeks do smoke and drink coffee like in the UK. I guess it just depends on which poison you prefer.

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