The void that is January

This month is full of reflection of what happened or didn’t happen in the previous one and thought/hopes/dreams for the year to come. Nothing much happens unless you are an avid winter sports fan because its too cold, wet, windy and generally inhospitable to life. Add to that many of us are broke and trying to sober up/lose weight after the indulgences of Christmas so were not generally happy people. Most also have to go back to work or school when really they would like to continue being hermit crabs. This is perhaps why we have awards season at this time of year as all the good television has finished its run and were waiting for the next lot to start. Its also the time when most people announce there pregnancies. As usual I don’t fit into the normal categories and can continue to be a hermit crab. I am however learning to ski in preparation for a winter holiday. My previous attempts at skiing and ice skating have not gone down so well. But artificial snow/ice is very painful so is possibly more dangerous than the real thing. Lots of people say its more difficult than real snow.

If it wasn’t for the need to get back on in life I’m sure we would all hibernate if possible until March when Spring arrives.

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