Winter beer

This is usually darker, thicker, richer, more alcoholic but also spiced. I have been drinking Siren’s Haunted Dreams a lot recently, but yesterday I had Weird Beard’s Smoke and Fire. Both Smoke and Fire are smoked beers in a german style that I had not had before. Rauchbier which I’m reliably informed by Google literally means smoke beer. I would have thought that this was against the german purity laws but apparently not in Baumberg Germany where it is from. I’m thankful that all german beer is not lager as that would be rather boring. Anyway, Smoke is very smoky and tastes and smells a lot like bacon due to the smoked malts used inside it. There is no bacon although in another beer I had recently Buxton and Arizona Wilderness’s Dragon Tips, this does have bacon but its less pronounced. Its a strange quirk that a beer without bacon tastes more like it does than one with it in. Dragon Tips also has chipotle chillies and the difference with Fire is that it tamps down the smoke by adding chillies. This is a lot more subtle than in Dragon Tips. Some people saying that adding bacon, maple and chillies to a beer is outrageous, I don’t think so at all. Mind you I am a bit of an outrageous person at times so maybe it fits.

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