Movie time and updates

There are currently so many movies out at the moment that I want to see that I have told my husband that I wish to take up residence at the cinema. I have see the Imitation Game and that was a very good movie I have also seen Mocking Jay the latest Hunger Games movie. I have also seen the last Hobbit movie and last night I tried to see The Theory of Everything but they were sold out. So was Into the Woods and Ex Machina is not out until next week. I also want to see Kingsman:Secret Service and think that Mortecai will be quite funny too. Paddington might be ok and I wanted to see Lucy although that is now on DVD as is the Boxtrolls. The next Star Wars movie is showing in a years time although the trailer is doing the rounds. I hope it lives up to expectations.

Blackhat looks an interesting movie that I know little about and is not part of a franchise for once and Jupiter Ascending although it was a little bit spoiled by the short write up in the Odeon magazine. Avengers: Age of Ultron might be fun escapism. Night at the Museum : Secret of the Tomb should also be quite good if its anything like its predecessors. Penguins of Madagascar will probably be a romp too as there getting very good with their exploits.

Why you would want to see Dumb and Dumber 2 I don’t know. Why they even made it is beyond me but I guess they achieved something because I’m talking about it.

Edit Its actually an hilarious movie that made me laugh the whole way through.

While I’m aware there are different movies in the US and the UK, I didn’t think there would be as much difference as there actually is. So this may not make as much sense to a person in the US as it would to a UK audience since I know that pretty much all the people that read this blog are actually Americans. This selection only includes the movies I’m interested in of course and there are many other movies out there that I will just not see.

>> I have now seen The Theory of Everything and it was very good. It helps that Eddie Redmayne looks rather like him. I also saw Paddington on a plane along with Lucy. I thought they were both very good. Into the Woods is still around although not for long. I have tried to see it again but I’m usually got other things that get in the way. Same for Kingsman even though that doesn’t seem to be that popular. Ex – Machina must have not been that good as its vanished but Mortecai vanished even faster. The fastest was Dumb and Dumber as I don’t remember seeing it anywhere. Blackhat I wished had disappeared.

Avengers is not out until May and Jupiter Ascending is another thats around but barely as its supposed to be rubbish according to critics. Night at the Musuem is popular with the kids but if your not one its tough getting a good time to see it. Same for the Penguins.

Edit I still haven’t seen Into the woods as I’d forgotten about it, same with Penguins,  Kingsman is a brilliant movie, I have bought Ex-Machina,  Night at the Musuem 3 and recorded Boxtrolls off Sky to watch over Christmas and  Star Wars is coming out on December 17th finally!

Mortecai must be rubbish as all the reviews say so and nobody talks about it, Jupiter Ascending is also supposed to be from the review of the only person I know that has seen it.

I have various Marvel movies on my Christmas list so I may get Avengers age of Ultron then.

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