Kindness and restraint

That is an unusual combination of words that I have used for the title but it is quite commonly needed in people that run drinking establishments. They quite often talk to there customers as that encourages them to come back but also it helps to establish how much they are affected by alcohol and therefore how much more they could take before advising they stop/drink water/eat food. I’m a bit anti authority, even more so when drinking so it’s a bit challenging to handle me although the people at the bottle shop do it quite well even if I’m not too thankful at the time. Moderation is the key although sometimes despite my best efforts I get a bit too past that mark. I forget that various things come into play and there always changing so it’s too difficult to calculate a benchmark. These usually amount to weight, water drunk, alcoholic drinks drunk, timing, strength, size, amount of food, duration of session, state at the start of session, when the last session was and also the company/occasion. Last factors are money and whose paying. If others buy me drinks that can also be an interesting twist. So as well as myself, I need others too. Either myself or my husband will be the relatively sober one since neither of us drive, the trouble comes when we both go for it or he is so focused on looking after me that he gets in a complete state. Luckily we no longer need to rely on buses or walking and can get a cab home.
This tale is not just relevant at Christmas or to do with food, it applies to all things.

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